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“So,” says you, “I wonder how much it costs to join the North Hills Hunt.  I mean, all that riding and fun with a whole new set of like-minded people is almost priceless.”

Well, we’ve got good news for you.  Not only is the per-event price very low, but NHH is a 501(c)(3) organization.  That’s right, savvy friends, any dues payment over $300 and all other donations to NHH are tax deductible.

More good news, NHH offers a deal for prospective members who have not previously been members of an MFHA-recognized hunt – Introductory membership!

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Patron Family Introductory – First year of membership for a married couple with or without dependents or an individual and dependents – $450

Patron Individual Introductory – First year of membership for a single unmarried person with no dependents – $350

Student Introductory – First year for full-time students under 23 years old.  May not be extended to spouse, dependents or other household members. – $250

Basic – Social membership.  May pay to cap at $60* per hunt in 5 hunts per year – $300

Affiliate – For full riding members of another MFHA-recognized hunt – $300

Stable Professional – For full time professionals employed by boarding or training facilities that are owned or leased by a current North Hills Hunt member – $300

*If capping is not paid prior to start of hunt, then fee is $100.

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The membership fiscal year runs 8/1 to 7/31, but you can join anytime by using our quick, online membership application form.