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Fireball Challenge: Sponsor a new member for the 2017-2018 season and receive a free bottle of Fireball!  To qualify, the new member must not have been a member of NHH previously and must pay dues by August 1, 2017.  MFH Monte and Diane already have the first bottle by sponsoring MFH Marcella Norman of Cloudline.  New members can sign-up here on this site or give contact info to Mary Curran and provide name of sponsor.


About North Hills Hunt

Opening Hunt

Opening Hunt

The North Hills Hunt is home to a group of horse and hound enthusiasts who enjoy the camaraderie of riding their horses together in beautiful country while following hounds.  We are an inclusive group with a proud history and bright future! Our fixture card (the schedule of hunts for the year) contains over 50 events this season, which includes early season hunting – good for new riders and horses – hunting, the hunt ball, a wine festival, mock hunt, trail ride, hunter pace and more!  The foxhunting season officially starts in September and runs through April.  We plan activities together even in the “off season” of summer, often getting together for trail riding, camping, hound walking and other fun events, and we hope you’ll join us! IMG_3169 Joining the hunt is like joining a large, animal-appreciating, fun-loving family.  We have people who join because they love hounds, horses, the thrill of the chase or just riding in beautiful country.  We have a social membership for non-riders who want to join the camaraderie.  Some join just to meet and be with fun, like-minded fun people! There is so much more to North Hills Hunt.  How about checking out our Top Ten List?