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To preserve and perpetuate the sport and traditions of foxhunting through education, conservation, and maintenance of a viable foxhound pack.


The North Hills Hunt recruits and educates people in the art and science of foxhunting with horses and hounds consistent with IRS 501 C3 rules, promotes conservation of land and game dedicated to the sport and seeks to expand its acceptance, and maintains a viable pack of foxhounds in a fiscally responsible manner.

The North Hills Hunt, first established in 1965 and recognized by the MFHA in 1968, is Nebraska’s first recognized fox hunt. Since Nebraska is long on land and short on population upon which to draw membership, the NHH is heavily reliant on volunteers. It is incorporated as a 501(c)3 non-profit educational organization, with a strong Board of Directors helping the Masters. The Hunt has had 17 Masters of Foxhounds, including current Masters Monte Antisdel, Dave Keffeler and Dr. Luke Matranga.  This year, two additional active Masters are Carine Cardisco and Jay Stockhausen.

NHH maintains land, kennels, clubhouse and a pack of cross-bred hounds near Missouri Valley, Iowa, and hunts farmland near the Kennels, Cumberland, and Tipton, Iowa; rolling farm and timberland in southeast Nebraska, and open range in the sandhills near Burwell, Nebraska. It is a live hunt, pursuing red fox, coyote, and bobcat from October until April.

In 2000, NHH hired its first professional huntsman, Englishman Matthew Cook. When he left to hunt hounds in Rome, Italy, NHH brought in Irish native Mary Walker from her previous position in Rome, Georgia. In 2007, NHH hired newcomer Tyce Mothershead as kennelsman and the hounds were hunted by Steve Evans, and in 2008 Tyce was moved up to the position of professional huntsman.  In 2015, Huntsman Tyce and his wife Hilary accepted a position at a ranch in California and the hunt then acquired the services of David Kruger as Huntsman.   He and his wife First Whip Breanna Orsborn stayed with the club for 8-years.  Starting in 2023-24, the club is entering new chapter with a young professional Hannah Brewer.  Hannah and her husband, Rhett, are eager to start a new life together and a new career managing the pack and hunting.

The North Hills Hunt maintains year-round hunting traditions such as an annual ball, hunter paces and trials, hound shows, and educational programs.


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