Are you interested?

Did you look over the site and see what the club is doing?

This is a brief guide to what being a NHH Kennels caretaker is about:

*North Hills Hunt supports a pack of carefully bred hounds who hunt live game on public and private land. The kennels are located three miles southeast of Missouri Valley, IA.
*Our current caretakers are retiring in May 2023. 
*NHH provides a three bedroom home including utilities and trash.  As well as place for horses.  
*NHH pays Approximately 15,000$/year salary with 2 weeks vacation accrued in 12 months.

So, combining salary and residence it is the equilivant of about $40,000 for a year

*You’re in charge and responsible for labor;  included but not limited to:  feeding, scooping, delivering to the hunts (we provide a trailer and pay miles), basic veterinarian care and whelping four to ten puppies. All the daily care for the pack of hounds.
*You’re in charge and responsible for labor; mowing, basic repairs to electrical, plumbing, mower, fence, and buildings.
*You must be available on Saturday and Sunday in October, November, December, March and one weekend day in September, January, and February.
*Responsible for cleaning club house twice a month.
*NHH Hunt membership is included for the family. 
*It is SIX days per week job for 2-4 hours per day. NHH will pay your help you hire one day a week.
*Historically, a couple has had the most success operating the kennels.
If this sounds like something you and your partner are interested in, please fill out the contact form. Include a few bullets why you feel you’re best suited for the position.   We will reply with email for further discussion in regards to our open position.